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‘Digital transformation’, being a fast-moving and essential trend in the library andinformation field, is expected to enhance the efficacy and reliability of preservationand dissemination of the information sources. Since its inception, the NationalDigital Library has made continuous efforts to achieve the status of a digitalknowledge-sharing center and carried out various digitization activities withoutinterruption. A number of forward-looking activities are being carried out at presentincluding the continued development of digital collection, digitization of nationallibrary resources and providing digital information services to the users. The use ofthe digital information is gradually and steadily growing.

The National Digital Library should play a dual role - as a digital library and a repository. While the National Digital Library covers all kinds of library resources which can be accessed in digital format, the Repository covers whatever recorded data or information produced by the NLDSB, e.g. Data sets, pictures, videos, books, conference papers, seminar proceedings, annual reports and resources uploaded on the official website from time to time. The Repository makes the intellectual output of the NLDSB freely and openly available to the public. On the other hand, the digital library is a gateway to electronic resources including the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue), e books, e journals (usually subscription based), bibliographic databases etc.

Against this backdrop, the constructive development and the efficient maintenance and management of the National Digital Library & Repository have become a pressing need involving far-reaching national interests. As an essential prerequisite for achieving the desired goals, the National Digital Library & Repository Policy is formulated and declared.

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